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Current Projects

I usually have several Tigers in restoration at a given time.

1) A C100

This seems to have become the never ending project. It was a heavily modified rolling frame when I got this treasure. It had the wrong engine and the suspension was very worn.


Here's how it looked when I got them gem home. It had a model 14 Briggs on it with a gear reduction. This replaced the original engine some time during it's service.


I found a 1956 Briggs 23 that I rebuilt and prepared for the C100. When I got the engine, it came with the standard equipment Briggs mouse nest you commonly see on such engines.


Here is my C100 after a trial run of the engine on the chassis. I suspect that this tractor had a hood and grill when new. The front mounting brackets are broken off where the grill mounts. I borrowed a grill and hood from 2 other collectors and had them copied.

During the engine trial, I realized the front suspension was badly worn and 1 of the rear brakes was siezed. Currently, I have disassembled the entire chassis and the front end is being rebuilt. This project will never end.

2) A Super Cub

This sad little tractor was dragged from the woods after about a 20 year sleep. Only a few component parts on the engine were savable. I found another Clinton D900 engine that is currently being rebuilt.

Tiger_Super_Cub Tiger_Super_Cub Tiger_Super_Cub Tiger_Super_Cub

3) A Tiger 883 Loader