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Models 450 and 575

After the failure of the Cub series, those at Tiger Tractor Corp. regrouped to come up with an alternative small lawn tractor. The result was the model 450/575. This tractor was introduced around 1956.

Early Photo of 450/575


The structure of this new tractor borrowed much from the old Cub series. Different in this design was the transmission which was purchased from Wheel Horse. It is the same transmission as used in the Wheel Horse model RJ.

Two versions of this model were offered. The model 450 was equipped with a 4 ½ H.P. Briggs & Stratton engine. The model 575 came equipped with a 5 3/4 H.P. Briggs & Stratton engine. Otherwise the models were identical.

A unique feature of this tractor is the square sheet metal hood. The name ‘TIGER’ in large letters and mesh grill gives this model a bold look. One foot operated pedal engages the clutch and tensions a band on the brake drum in one motion.

This model proved to be everything the Cubs were not. It was small, yet powerful and maneuverable. In Tiger’s typical form, a laundry list of options was offered from mowers to moldboard plows. One unusual option is a front mounted snow thrower that used the same engine as the tractor. The snow thrower weighs as much as the tractor. The operators’ weight is required to counterbalance the snow thrower while in operation.

The color scheme for this model seems to vary over the years of production. Earlier production units seem to be mostly red hoods with yellow frames. Later production units seem to be mostly with white hoods and either tan or gun-metal blue frames. Little else changed on this model over its 9 year production life.

Photo of 450/575


Despite the capabilities of this model, it was not received well in the market. Competitors in the late 50’s were mass producing small lawn tractors on assembly lines. Tiger Tractor Corp. struggled to compete with lighter, more modern and mass produced tractors from the likes of John Deere, Wheel Horse and Cub Cadet.

The 450/575 model line lasted until Tiger Tractor Corp. filed for bankruptcy in 1965. Considering this tractor was manufactured over a 9 year span, remarkably few examples of this model survive to this day.

Key Features of the 450/575 Series: