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Model: 700

The model 883 was very popular in the early 50’s. The sales of this model helped the company to grow and gave a capital base to expand its product offering. Despite it's popularity, the model 883 was long overdue for a design upgrade. The tractor only had 1 geared speed forward and the market demanding more flexibility in speed selection.

The model 700 was introduced around 1957-58. It was, in essence, a model 883 frame with a new transmission/clutch and engine. This new model featured a Wisconsin 7 H.P. engine replacing the Briggs model 23 used previously. The Snow-Nabstedt transmission was replaced with a Borg-Warner T92. At long last, the tractor offered more than 1 geared speed forward. One of the neatest upgrades on this model was the clutch. It featured a centrifugal clutch that was mounted directly off of the engine.

The operation of this model is most unusual. Since the clutch is centrifugally operated, the engine throttle is a primary control. The clutch disengages drive when the engine is throttled down and engages drive when the engine is throttled up. The operator has only 1 control for everything on the tractor.

For reasons unknown, this tractor did not sell well. It is seen in marketing/sales literature, but very few examples survive to this day. Production of this tractor lasted until Tiger Tractor Corp.’s end in 1965.

Key Features of the 700 Series:

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