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Model: 883

The model 883 was introduced around 1951/52. The design carried over many of the structural characteristics of the old PTD5/552 model. The biggest difference was in the drive system. This tractor abandoned the complicated transmission and Twin Disc clutch of the PTD5. As a replacement, Tiger used the Snow/Nabstedt 1508 planetary drive. This unit acted as both clutch and transmission.

Factory Photo of 883

Tiger 883

The model 883 was hugely popular. In a similar fashion to the PTD Series, the model 883 was a slow/pulling machine. Tiger capitalized on the sheer power of this tractor in many advertising brochures. It was boasted this tractor would 4 tons on wheels. Tiger marketed the model 883 to be a utilitarian tractor. A laundry list of options and accessories were offered. This included sickle bar mowers, front blades, mold board plows, tillers, cultivators, seeders, and more.

Photos of 883

Tiger model 883 Tiger 883 2

A unique feature that was introduced on this model is a ratcheting brake system. Special rear wheel hubs were cast for this unique system. A ratcheting arm catches on notches in the cast hub when the tractor comes to a stop. Functioning ratchets lock the hubs rather affectively. The largest problem with this system is that they only apply when the drive is disengaged. The operator has no effective brakes to apply for mild grades/hills. As a result, the 883 got the reputation for being a tractor with no brakes.

Despite the brake matter, this model was a cash cow for Tiger Tractor Corp. The success of this tractor allowed the company to grow substantially.

Production of this model lasted until about 1956. There were very few design changes over the years. Tiger used the capital it raised with the sales of this model to develop an expanded line of tractors for the 1956 model year.

Key Features of the 883 Series:

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