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The Model 920 (Early Version)

The early model 920 was a unique tractor design for Tiger Tractor Corp. In many ways, the design of this tractor diverges from anything previously made at TTC.

Early Photo of Early Version 920


The Frame: The frame structure consisted of far less angle iron and used sheet metal for flooring. This resulted in a far lighter tractor while still maintaining needed structural support.

The Operators Location/Posture: The operator sits in a higher position in the back of the tractor. Rather than straddling the frame (as on previous models), the legs/feet are placed on the frame deck. This results in a more neutral seated position with better visibility.

The Engine Orientation: On all previous Tiger models, the engine orientation was crankshaft sideways with respect to the frame. This model features and engine where the crankshaft is in line with the frame.

The Power Transmission: Here is where this model really diverges. They mounted a clutch/transmission directly onto the engine. The output was chain driven downward to a sprocket beneath the flooring. This sprocket connected to a drive shaft that then goes to the rear axle.

Operation: Again, Tiger diverged from traditional design. This tractor was completely foot operated. There were 2 brake and 1 throttle pedal on one side of the tractor and a clutch pedal on the other.

Note: Considering the first tractor they made (model PTD) was all hand operated, I like to think they came ‘full circle’ going to a completely foot operated design.

It is assumed that very few of these early version 920’s sold. There is evidence of their existence from sales literature and photos, but very few examples survive to this day. There seems to be more later version 920’s in collectors hands than this earlier version.

Key Features of the Early 920 Series:

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