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The Model 920 (Later Version)

The early version of the model 920 tractor got a redesign sometime around 1959-ish. The exact time is difficult to estimate. My guess would be that an all foot operated tractor did not go over real well.

The controls were redesign to be much like most other tractors. There was a pedal operated clutch on one side of the tractor and 2 pedals for independent wheel brakes on the other side. The engine throttle was controlled via a cable that was mounted on the dash board.

The early version of the 920 was powered by a Wisconsin engine. For an unknown reason, the later version 920 switched to the Briggs model 23. The hood was redesigned to fit the Briggs engine. It had an interesting mesh grill which gives this model a distinct appearance. Otherwise, the engine orientation and drive system remained the same.

There seems to be a lack of sales literature for this later 920 model. TTC’s efforts in advertising seemed to wane into the 1960’s. It is suspected that they made far more of the later 920 version than they did the earlier version. It seems that there are more examples of this model around than the earlier version.

This model continued in production until TTC went out of business in 1965.

Key Features of the Later 920 Series: