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Model: 920 Series

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After the C100 project ended, those at Tiger regrouped to design a new larger class tractor. Around 1958, the model 920 was finished and came to market. This tractor was a completely new design and offered many more modern options than previous Tiger models.

There seems to be 2 designs of this Tiger tractor model. For lack of better terms, I have labeled them as an early and late design. The early design appears in many forms of literature dating in the late 50’s. It is believed that the 920 tractor got a redesign sometime in early 60’s resulting in the ‘late’ design. The 2 flavors of this tractor are significantly different.

Photo of Early Version 920

Tiger Early Version 920

Photo of Later Version 920

Production of this tractor continued until the end of Tiger Tractor Corp. in 1965.