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Model: PTD and Later 552

The model PTD5 Series was the first Tiger tractor that was built by the company. The first prototype was assembled in a back workshop of The Piedmont Foundry and Machine Company around 1947.It combined the ideas and efforts of John Summerville, John Handy and those from The Piedmont Foundry.

Early Photo of PTD5

Early Tiger PTD

Note: The PTD in the photo lacks the traditional clutch arm. I believe this early version was foot operated. The vast majority of the PTD's had a lever to operate the clutch.

The PTD5 was offered to market some time in 1948. This tractor launched the company as a true manufacturer. It sold rather well in a time of explosive growth of small garden tractors. The initial model was rather crude in design.

An interesting feature that was included in the PTD5 design is an enclosed sprocket/chain drive between the transmission and rear axle. This system served to drop the speed of the tractor, but dramatically increased the torque delivered to the rear axle. The PTD5 is certainly not a fast tractor, but it will pull surprising heavy loads due to added gearing. This made the tractor ideal for moderately large farm jobs (plowing, snow/dirt pushing, etc. ). This feature proved so successful, that it was offered on all other Tiger tractor models until about 1956.

Later models of the PTD5 were offered with a fair listing of tractor options. This included hoods, pneumatic front tires, foot brakes and many more. A host of equipment accessories were offered. These included sickle bar mowers, front blades, mold board plows and more.

Photos of Later PTD5

Later Tiger PTD5 Later Tiger PTD5-2

Sometime in 1950, development began on the next generation Tiger tractor. This new model became the model 883. It was offered to market some time in 1951. For a brief period of time, the model PTD5 was rebadged model 552 and was offered alongside the model 883. Production for the PTD5/Early 552 model ceased some time around 1952. The 552 Model number continued on as a lower HP variant of the 883 as it adopted the S/N transmission.

Key Features of the PTD5 Series:

Notes on the PTD Series:

1) The first version of this model featured a cast aluminum clutch ring. About 6 months into production, the aluminum clutch ring was found to be too fragile for engaging the twin disc clutch regularly. An upgraded clutch ring/arm was made of pressed steel. This arm was the standard equipment on the PTD/552 Series until the end of production.

2) The standard front wheel s featured a needle bearing pack and solid rubber wheels.

3) An option was available that added a 2nd set of rear wheels/tires. Tractors so equipped were given the model PTD6.

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