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The Tiger Motor Cultivator (TMC)

Very little information regarding this model survives to this day. It is believed that this model was introduced around 1946-1947. The company was still primarily involved in imports/exports under the INEXCO name. There was no manufacturing capacity to speak of at this time. This tractor was most likely purchased from another manufacturer and re-badged as a Tiger Tractor.

The tractor design closely resembles an ACME tractor that was offered around the same time frame. It features a paddle style steering system (also seen on Beaver Tractors). The engine looks to be a Lauson engine, but the exact model is unknown.

1948 Tiger Motor Cultivator (TMC) Advertisement

Tiger Motor Cultivator

Tiger Motor Cultivator Photo

Tiger Motor Cultivator

Key Features of the TMC Series:

Notes on the TMC Series:

1) The tractor features paddle steering. This unique form of steering was only used a few other tractor designs.

2) It is suspected that there are no surviving examples of this tractor.

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